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Halloween Hovel by 15ImaginaryRabbit15
Halloween Hovel
The title's a work in progress. Anyway, I told myself I'd upload this by Halloween, and I delivered, damnit. Anyway, it's a halloween-themed piece containing some player characters for the 5e one-shot I'm participating in in... 8ish hours... I should get to bed. The races were homebrewed hag (based off of the monster manual, flavored to be a witch), a floating jack-o-lantern (based off a flameskull) and animated armor (maybe the most homebrewed). Then in addition to these three, there's a skeleton and a winged goblinoid of some sort. Stryx or something. My character is the hag/witch.
And about the piece itself... yeah I'm missing something fundamental about metallic things and limited light, but I'll remember what it is later and curse myself because I know I messed up here. I mean I still like it because ultimately it was the effect I was going for. The pumpkin-face-shaped light turned out better than I expected, honestly. Past that, yeah, there's clearly things I'm forgetting about how light works, but oh well. I'm going to bed.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses
  • Reading: Hamlet (for AP Lit)
  • Watching: Let's Play Penumbra: Black Plague by Cryaotic
  • Playing: Dungeons and Dragons Online
  • Drinking: Earl Grey with milk and sugar
I figured here's a good a place as any to mark an important time in my life. I've been eighteen for about a year now. I renewed my driver's liscence and retired the old one to a box I keep under my bed. I figured I'd want to see them years from nowto gawk at all the terrible smile's I've given to DMV cameras. On a moreimportant note, it's been a little over a week since I've claimed my Mom's house as my primary place of residence. Unfortunately, this is going to make continued visits to Dad's awkward simply because step-mom Nancy takes every opinion set out on the table as a personal assault. However, since I'm at Mom's most of the time, I have more free time... which is starting to mean I procrastinate more which rather makes sense however is also rather disappointing. Other than school, though, I'm trying not to stress about college. Filling out scholarship applications and meeting 20 deadlines each week for college and high school things is never fun, but I seem to find time between it all to play tabletop D&D as well as online D&D on top of I'm going to go see a movie today. On Friday. I bet you were wondering why I wasn't in school. Mandatory teacher work day. Not completely sure how this was possible with all of the snow days we've had, but I guess some teacher work days aren't allowed to change.

So yeah life isn't being particularly helpful to my anxiety right now, but mystress level has dropped significantly since living in only one house and not switching off every other day. Now I only see Dad every other weekend, and I'm conflicted about that. I really don't want it to be awkward. Maybe I should plan something for that Saturday I see him next...

To end on an up note, my best friend and I have restarted our original text-based role-play that we began in the sixth grade! It was on hiatus for the longest time after being in its part 2 phase, and now we are restarting it completely to fix characters and plot, and I'm very excited for it! I get to revisit my old OCs and, hopefully, finally end their stories so they're not hanging out in Limbo indefinitely. Their stories will finally come to a close! Then I can be satisfied that I finally finished telling this nearly six-year tale. It won't come soon, but now I'm satisfied with the idea that it will come at all.

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